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March 21, 2014

"As you may be aware I do tops for several different folks even on a national corporate level and I felt the need to say ‘thanks’ for the effort, time and leadership you put in to your scheduling etc. (details). As you’re well aware most don’t and as an ol’e sub you know it can be very challenging to try and keep up with a moving and changing target especially when there are many. So Thanks!" –Dale Stone of Madison River Custom Works

You are welcome, and thank you!

As a new home owner, you’re looking for value, and that’s why we partner with all-star subcontractors like Dale at Madison River Custom Works. They understand that value comes from exceeding ordinary expectations and help us provide an exceptional new home buying experience.

Subcontractors like Dale are the reason we are able to proudly stand behind the quality of condos and homes we have for sale. This quality of craftsmanship makes our properties solid investment choices for new homeowners and investors devoted to the quality of life in Montana. Your investment is matched with our vested interest in Bozeman as we live and work side-by-side as a team to share the same vision of delivering quality homes – on time.
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