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May 9, 2014

Sitting on the fence waiting for the right time to buy? You should consider now - before rising interest rates and home prices knock you off that fence. What you can afford in a home now is greatly affected by future increases in interest rates and home prices that decrease your purchasing power.

Your purchasing power ability is driven by the monthly mortgage payment you can afford. For example if you can afford a monthly payment of $1,000 for a $225,000 home mortgage now, but decided to wait a year, a 1% increase in interest means you’re your budget friendly $1,000 payment now gets you home mortgage of only $200,000. That’s a 10.75% decrease in the home price that you can afford. Analysts are predicting that the federal government may consider increasing interest rates in 2014.

Increasing Home prices also affect your purchasing power and in the Gallatin Valley they are being pushed upward by demand and tight inventory. While home prices do have an effect, experts like Dan Green of believe that “changing mortgage rates do more to influence home affordability than changing home prices.”

With interest rates and home prices rising, now is the time to consider purchasing a home. We suggest that you consult with a financial advisor or any online mortgage calculators like and can to determine what you can afford. In the meantime, we’ll continue doing what we do best - building and selling homes and condos - and we’ll be ready to say Welcome Home.
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We work with great people!

April 9, 2014

The focus and determination of Montanans shows in the extraordinary efforts of the dedicated subcontractors who worked through the conditions of this past winter to complete the Shelter Grove Condos - on time.  Because of their efforts, 16 new homeowners are able to enjoy home ownership this spring.  
We would like to say thank you to our vendors who understand the importance of adding value and delivering the quality that homeowners expect. The Flooring Place is one of them who provided exceptional service in adding the finishing touches to our homes.  We would also like to thank the following the Realtors who were able to get all 16 condos under contract prior to the completion of construction – your professionalism is greatly appreciated!

Keller Williams
  Marian Britt
  Everdawn Charles
  Travis Svensrud
  Trina Slater Wyatt
ERA Landmark
  Sue Frye  
  PollyAnna Snyder
Small Dog Realty 
  Heidi Pfeil
  Sandra Cassaday
Mountain Sky Realty - Wade Peck
Witt & Associates Realty - Sharon Witt
Bozeman Broker Group - Dan Porter

We appreciate your experience and commitment that ensured the best home-buying experience for your clients. 
Thank you to all of you that were a part of this project!

"We bought a house!!!"

April 7, 2014

Newlyweds Keithen and DC were so excited about the purchase of their new home - built by NHB - that they called their wedding photographer Kacie Q Photography to capture the excitement. Welcome Home Keithen and DC!   
View Kacie Q's blog: Home is where your love is.
Thanks to Realtor Dan Porter of the Bozeman Broker Group  for helping Keithen and DC purchase this home!
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